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Customer testimonials
Candace Claiborne after an 18 day Ayurveda + Cultural tour with IdiscoverIndia
Candace Clairborne visited us from Baghdad, where she was currently posted and took a Cultural + Ayurveda tour of 18 days .

12 day Cultural and Heritage North India Luxury Tour
Kyle reviews a 12 day luxury tour undertaken by Kyle Richardson and Eric Sechser thru Unfortunately we ran out of our card once again ( and mind you its a 2 GB card, it just happens that we are shooting a lot more video reviews these days) and hence hard to curtail the recorded shoot of the video.

Lizzie and Mike review their 25 day India + Nepal Tour on Budget
In this trip , at the end of the 25 day long tour they talk about their experience in India, IdiscoverIndia's services and their review of the tour.

Zahira Ismile Review
Zahira Ismile, a single woman traveler , on her India holiday.

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India contact:
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All about our Tours

openclose What do you mean by the word “tour” in your itineraries?
The word "tour" is used for lack of a better word and generally means sightseeing. It implies that you have a car with a driver to take you around for sightseeing. Now for your sightseeing you could possibly be accompanied by a guide or do it on your own, depending on the type of package you have chosen.
openclose Is the price on the website the total for 2 or per person?
All prices on our website are based on twin sharing. While the price on the main page, where all prices are listed, is per person (again based of twin sharing), once you go on the particular package details page you will see that the price is the total for 2 people.
openclose What is the price for single person? Would that be half of the published price?
The price for single person is usually not very different from the price for 2. As the same services are used (car with driver, hotels and guide) there is very little difference between the price for 2 and the price for 1. If you are a single traveler, the best way to save is to opt for our single traveler matchup, where we set you up to share a trip (hotels + car) with another person. This allows you to pay only 60% of the cost for 2 people, thereby saving nearly 40% of the tour cost over doing it alone.
opencloseDoes the price on the website include international airfares or domestic flights?
No international airfares are included in any of our tour/trip prices.
As for domestic flights – the BUDGET TOUR OPTIONS (which include Basic, Standard and Comfort) do not include the domestic flight component in their prices. This is clearly mentioned on the Inclusions/Exclusions tab of the itinerary.
However, for all our LUXURY TOUR OPTIONS (Luxury and Opulent options), the published prices include economy domestic flights.
openclose What are the start dates of the trips/tours? Are these fixed?
Nearly all our trips are private trips (unless slated as group tours) and can be started on any date as per your choice.
The only thing to keep in mind is to allow enough time for booking so you can get reservations with the hotels/trains listed in the itinerary. If you are booking close to the dates for your trip, it’s possible that you might not get the same hotels/trains/flights as mentioned in your itinerary, and in such cases we would inform you either before booking or at the time of booking to allow you to make an informed decision.
openclose How do I decide which option is right for me?
It is very important to understand the various trip options. The most basic difference between different  tour options is hotels. You should read “How to select the right option,” as this will help you set the right expectations about the hotels you have chosen.

For Luxury tours the Luxury and Opulent options vary by the choice of hotels, the room types, or both.
The Luxury tours vary from Budget tours in terms of hotels, type of car used in general.
openclose Are Guides included in my trip?
All tours have guides included in the price
openclose Can I decide how much time to spend at each place I visit?
Yes; while our itineraries list the possible places for sightseeing within the city, you can skip some places or go to nearby places if you want. This is true for nearly all parts of nearly all trips, with the exceptions of pick up or drop off spots, or tours in certain cities that are based specifically around the places listed in your itinerary. It’s best to ask the travel consultant if you’re confused. In general, things are flexible in terms of what you want to see within the city and the amount of time you want to spend doing so—under reasonable limits of course.
openclose Can I opt for changes in hotels? Can I choose some hotels from a Budget option and others from Luxury options?
Yes, you can customize your trip by changing your hotels, adding days to your itinerary, making additional stops etc. However, all changes need to be made before the start of your trip (in accordance with cancellation policy and availability). Last-minute changes are not allowed afterwards without foregoing the already booked part of your itinerary.
openclose What types of trains do you use? Which classes/categories?
For shorter train journeys we use air-conditioned chair cars. For longer journeys we use air-conditioned 2- tier or 3-tier depending on the package.
opencloseWhat is the extent of customization I can have in my trip?
You can customize to any extent before purchase. After purchase there might be some limitations in terms of wholesale changes across the board, but in consultation with your travel consultant you can reach an agreement.
In general you can customize by choosing your own hotels, having a different car, changing train journeys to flights, adding some activities, changing the number of days in your itinerary or subtracting/adding a few places.
Of course your proposed changes may or may not result in price changes.
openclose Does the driver speak English?
Few drivers in India speak English fluently. They can understand your messages and will perhaps be able to convey some of their own, but can’t necessarily hold long fluent conversations. That said, they have been in business for so long and have been interacting with foreigners for such a long time that they will be able to communicate with you and cater to all your needs. Additionally our guests are constantly in touch with us over mobile (which we provide them—free rental), which allows them to talk to us if any communication problem occurs.
On a separate note, a fluent English-speaking driver is a rarity as a driver who makes anywhere around USD 150 in salary a month could have easily increased his marketability and price by over 3 times had he known decent English. Claims from some agents about their fluent English-speaking drivers should be taken with a pinch of salt.
openclose What if our driver does not understand what we are trying to convey?
In most situations your driver is your best friend on the trip, especially if it’s a long one. He can be very helpful as he is very insightful and understanding of your needs. However, if you have any problems in communicating or there is something that you are unable to reach out to him about, you have 24/7 access to our ground support in India. They will help translate and communicate.

All about Booking, Payments and Cancellations

openclose How do I book?
Step 1: Select an already existing itinerary, request to customize an itinerary, or fill out our form to contact our travel consultant and discuss your India trip.

Step 2: Our consultant will provide you with a detailed itinerary based on your requirements. If you have any special requests, our consultant will fine-tune the itinerary to tailor it to your needs and desires.

Step 3: Once you decide to book, a Booking ID is issued against your itinerary. At this point you can book by paying a deposit amount against your Booking ID. You can pay by depositing a check in our Bank of America account, or pay by credit card or via PayPal. PLEASE NOTE ALL PAYMENTS BY CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL ATTRACT AN ADDITIONAL 2.9% SURCHARGE FOR USA CARD-HOLDERS AND 3.9% FOR NON-US CARDHOLDERS . There is no charge on deposits made by check or wire transfer directly to our account.

Step 4: Once the payment is made, we send you a receipt with booking and payment details within 2 business days.
openclose What documents do I need for my travel after the booking and when will I receive them?
Once you decide on booking a trip with us, we will send you an itinerary along with payment details and a booking ID. You will make your payment either by credit card or by depositing directly into our bank account. Three days after receiving the money we will issue you a receipt for the same. About 2 days before your arrival dates, we will send you an email which will have all your pick-up details—our company’s driver’s name and contact number, vehicle number and exit details at your arrival airport. Our representative will schedule to meet you at your hotel and hand over the detailed vouchers for all your booking—either the same day as your arrival or, if you arrive late in the night, in the morning. At all times you will be provided a local contact number that you can call in case of any problem.
openclose How do I make the payment? Are there any surcharges?
You can make payments either by  credit card, check or by depositing cash in our Bank of America account.
All payment details are sent to you at the time of booking or when an itinerary is sent to you.
Credit card payments attract a surcharge (as charged by the credit card gateway) and this will be mentioned separately in the invoice sent to you. All payments include taxes. The details of the payment structure and inclusions/exclusions are always detailed in your itinerary.

PLEASE NOTE ALL PAYMENTS BY CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL ATTRACT AN ADDITIONAL 2.9% SURCHARGE FOR USA CARD-HOLDERS AND 3.9% FOR NON-US CARDHOLDERS .. There is no charge on deposits made by check or wire transfer directly to our account.
openclose What is the cancellation policy?
Please refer to our general Terms & Conditions document and your final itinerary which has booking ID for all details regarding cancellation/change of your booking. In case your itinerary does not have Terms and Conditions section, the general terms and conditions as stated on our website for your package type would apply.
opencloseWhat happens if I cancel my travel arrangements?
You may contact our customer care department at our USA toll free 1888-829-8250  or email us at  if you wish to cancel any of your bookings with us.
Please note that all cancellations involve certain charges to be borne by the traveler. These charges vary according to the nature of the booking and are adjusted against any refund that you receive. You will need your booking reference(s) and any other relevant details at the time of cancellation. The general cancellation rules are in our Terms & Conditions document. If any additional clause applies for your dates of travel, that would be mentioned in your itinerary.

Customer Service and Support

openclose Can I change my hotel if I do not like it on arrival?
No changes can be made to your booking without foregoing the amount paid for the booked trip. It is our utmost endeavor to provide you with the best hotels in the price range for our packages. It is essential that you look at the hotel and its website (which is provided to you along with your itinerary) and also read our guidelines on how to select your package, which will help you set realistic expectations for the hotels selected for you in a given package type.
openclose Are there are any things I should be aware of?
When preparing for your trip, you should:
  • Be able to accurately set your expectations in terms of hotels and the corresponding options you choose
  • Ensure you have a visa. Give yourself enough time to apply especially during busy times.
  • Talk to the travel consultant as much as you want without feeling obligated. The more you talk the better you will be informed and the easier it will be to have a flawless trip.
  • Be familiar with standards in India around hygiene, cleanliness, culture and social norms—an apple to apple comparison is very difficult and will only disappoint you.
  • To secure your  bookings, Book well in advance if possible —say 3 months atleast for Luxury travel and 4 months for Budget travel
openclose How do we contact you if we have problems while traveling in India?
You will receive our India office number as well as a contact person’s address before you arrive in India. As it is our own office, he/she will understand your needs and is capable of handling any of your problems. Moreover you will have a cellphone (on most long trips while in India) and you will have your ground contact’s number at all times.
openclose What is the Free Phone service?
On most long trips and women-only trips, we provide a FREE RENTAL Mobile with an Indian number. Although you still have to top it off with some value to be able to use it, the cost is nominal. Think of it as a prepaid value of about USD 10. It can easily last you 10-odd days if you are using the phone to just stay in touch with your driver or local office in India. You can even share that number with your friends and family at home to call you. If you want to make international calls you just need to add more value to it, and again it’s a much cheaper option than using your international phone.

India Travel

openclose Will I need a visa or transit visa for my trip?
Yes, most people need visas for their travel to India. For more details on visa requirements please check:
openclose What is the best time to visit India?
For most of the popular tourist destinations October to March is the best time.
Monsoons are July and August and perhaps the time when you can get deals, but it is still hot, although relatively cooler than peak summer months of May and June. Summers are usually very hot and basically all tourist attractions are hill stations (high-altitude destinations). Talk to a travel consultant to discuss your time of travel.
openclose What is the ideal duration of a trip to India?
Although it would be hard to experience the whole of India during one trip, we suggest a minimum of about 2 weeks, which allows you to do at least one particular sector on a visit.
The itineraries on our website are made keeping in mind the distinct routes and the time needed to cover them.
openclose What places are most worth visiting in India and where should one go?
This is a hard question to answer considering there are so many options—the answers are dependent on season, interest, and time on hand. While we have made all efforts to provide itineraries that include the most popular attractions, there’s always more to this incredible country. If you still can’t find something please feel free to contact our travel consultant. She will be more than happy to offer you information as per your requirements.
openclose What about trips to other places near India, like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, or Tibet?
Yes, we plan and book add-on trips to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Tibet. If for some reason you are unable to find something that suits your needs, please contact our travel consultant.

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