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Don Begley on a 35 day India tour
Don Begley and his partner Kimberly traveled with IdiscoverIndia on a 35 day extensive India tour. They braved thru Mumbai, Auranagabad, Rajasthan and Kerala.

Lizzie and Mike review their 25 day India + Nepal Tour on Budget
In this trip , at the end of the 25 day long tour they talk about their experience in India, IdiscoverIndia's services and their review of the tour.

Belle and Sanjay Review a trip organized by IdiscoverIndia for them
In this video they share their experiences. How bad or good IdiscoverIndia was and what IdiscoverIndia can do improve. We at IdiscoverIndia appreciate your candid feedback.


OUR India TourS

Tours with IdiscoverIndia are private (just for you and your party) and can be started on any date as per your wish.

Other than this, two important things to know about our tours are:
  1. They are flexible, and allow you to pace your sightseeing as per your requirements.
  2. All of our trips come with a private car and a driver who will take you around to all destinations as per your itinerary. While sightseeing, you will be accompanied by a guide if one has been requested or if it is included in your tour type.
In general all our tours are classified under 2 categories: Budget (Basic, Standard and Comfort tours) and Luxury (Superior, Luxury and Opulent tours).

Please read below to understand all our tour types:

Basic option
Our Basic trips comes with carefully chosen private rooms with independent baths. The accommodation included could be a mix of 2 star and budget homestays, that provide an authentic experience. Care is taken by our experts to pick the best in the category and price range. These hotels are for the guests who are looking for basic no-frills attached clean accommodations.

The guests who choose this option are very budget conscious and are more concerned with sightseeing and doing as much as possible outside.All tours of Basic option do not include guide or monument entrance fee. These can however be included separately. A comfortable sedan that can easily seat up to 3 passengers is provided with a driver for all your local sightseeing and transportation.


Standard option
Our Standard trips are most popular with those looking for an upgrade on Basic accommodations. All our Standard trip hotels come with standard amenities like clean rooms and attached baths, with added amenities that may or may not include a pool, a restaurant, strategic location, etc. The Standard hotels are what we call the equivalent of 3-star hotels or boutique hotels. While care is taken to choose the best hotels in its category, there might be a difference in quality/amenities provided at a hotel just on the basis of the place in which it is located. Rest assured all hotels are above par and have been individually selected by our experts.

The guests who choose this option are budget conscious but at the same time willing to pay more for greater value from their hotels. Guides are not included in our Standard trips. Neither are the Monument entrance fee; however, getting a guide is an option one can request for an additional cost. You will have access to a comfortable private car (sedan) that can easily seat up to 3 passengers.


Comfort option
Comfort trips are designed for the guest who wants to have a hotel with all the amenities and comforts. The guests who undertake such trips want to enjoy their hotels as well as the sightseeing. Comfort is important and they are willing to pay a premium rather than encounter a surprise in not having what they expected. The guests who opt for Comfort trips are the ones who do not necessarily want to spend on a 5-star hotel but want to enjoy more or less the same amenities as premium hotels.
The hotels we choose are well-known brands (international or local), premium boutique hotels or even luxury homestays, depending on the choice of the guest. The hotels are selected to provide the best experience and mix of luxury and comfort at a price which is much lower than that of our Luxury trips. Additionally a comfortable sedan with driver is provided for all your sightseeing and transportation throughout the trip.

Unlike other Budget tour options, Comfort option comes with Guide and include Monument entrance fee in their prices.


Superior and Luxury options
Our Superior and Luxury trip options come with the choicset of 5-star hotels or luxury forts, palaces and camps. While the Superior option might have a few or all entry level 5 star hotels, the Luxury option is usually a 5 star deluxe hotel .From the personal meet-and-greet at the time of arrival to your check-in at the hotel, our representative will ensure you settle in well in your new environs. Both these trips come with standard rooms in your selected 5-star hotel with care being taken to provide the hotels that match the international service standards and expectations. While some cities might not have a 5-star, care is taken to provide the best option available in such places.
These trips come with a personal guide for each city you visit. A luxury vehicle, in the form of a Toyota Innova, is used for all transportation and sightseeing.
Both the trip option prices include any domestic flights that might be on your itinerary.


Opulent option
Our Opulent trips are for those who want to bask in luxury. These feature the most premium accommodations available, coupled with an option to have either a personal guide throughout your touring or individual city guides. From the time you arrive till the time you leave, your personal guide (or remotely assigned representative, in case you did not select personal guide) will see that all your demands are met. While our luxury Toyota van comes standard with all our Opulent trips, you have the liberty to upgrade transportation to a Mercedes S-Class or a BMW for an additional price.
Our Opulent tours also include all domestic flights.


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