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Mark with his wife and 3 other friends from USA traveled North and South India for little over 2 weeks in month of November on a mid range package.
Brijj: It has been a week since we got back to the states and I wanted to provide some feedback on our November 14-30, 2009 trip to India.
Everything went as planned. Jan's broken foot did not slow us down too much and increased her opportunities for shopping. Thanks for your help
with the clinic.
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The accommodations you booked were excellent and we were very satisfied with the drivers. The cars were very comfortable and always there when we needed them.

The itinerary was very good although the drive from Jaipur to Udaipur was a bit long with a lot of time in the car. The trip to Munnar was also longer than expected - 6 hrs. Unfortunately we stuck to the itinerary and went to the arious sites which involved a lot of driving in the mountains since everything was so spread out. So we ended up spending 3 days on winding roads. Fortunately, the driver chose a different way back. In hindsight, staying put and just walking around the Mountain View hotel would have been a better choice than driving around. After we got the rooms aired out (fresh paint) things improved. The staff was a bit amateurish, but willing and delightful. All rooms are large comfortable with great views. Thank you for checking on whether the changed accommodations were OK. Your and Amit's easy availability by phone throughout our stay was very helpful and reassuring.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that I will strongly recommend
IdiscoverIndia to anyone who asks.

Many thanks,

Mark and Murray Devoss from Canada , traveled with IdiscoverIndia on a Budget tour for India and Nepal for a duration of over 20 days in the month of November 2009
Dear Amit and Dear Brijj: The trip to India was absolutely amazing! I have to admit that at the beginning there was a bit of culture shock, but then as we got acclimatized to it we were fine. The sights and experiences were something I would have not missed forthe world. Took over 2 thousand photos! Expand Hide

So... feed back.

  1. First of all I want to point out that you keeping an eye on ourprogress throughout our itinerary was superb. Even at large distances,you made sure things were running as planned. This was very much appreciated, and filled us with confidence that you and/or your representatives would be there to help us if we needed it. You surely saved the day when we almost missed the train.
  2. The driver Ashok Raikwar (working for Raju Khan) in Orccha and Khajuraho and Nandu (Nalandala) the driver in Varanasi were absolutely fabulous. We missed no sights, they knew where they were going and took care of us in a way which was WAY above duty. These two drivers are keepers for your business.
  3. The hotel Amar Mahal at Orchha was the highlight in our accommodation in this trip. The food was superb, the room amazing and the gardens, something you only read about in travel books. FABULOUS.
    And to be fair, the town, and the sights were also very amazing. This town is India at its best and it is a MUST stop-over in any itinerary to your great country.
  4. Choosing Pokhara as a destination was a real hit. The town was lovely, and it had the best shopping to be found o this voyage It was our favourite town.
  5. The Surya Hotel in Varanasi was another hit. The compound gave us a reprieve from the outside world (culture shock here) and the food, the service and the pool were fabulous. We did not realize how tired we were with the high-tempo of our trip. Mind you, it was our choice to see as much as we could - and thanks to you we did.
  6. We were very happy that the Amritsar leg of the trip. The Golden Temple was another unforgettable sight, the people were SO very nice. All in all it was a highlight.
  7. I have to give credit to all the people who met us at train stations and airports. They were there - and they were really nice. My congratulations for whoever set them up to show up. These were the points in our travel in which we felt most insecure about. You made it a very nice experience.
  8. I have to give my thanks for finding hotels that were really near to Western eateries like Pizza Hut and MacDonald's. Your clientele,foreigners like us, for most part would gravitate to these establishments more often than not. Mind you, the food at the hotels I mentioned above were actually superb.
  9. Thank you for showing us your office, and the antiquities in your neighbourhood. It sure put our minds to rest.
So... wrapping it up, I recommend your services to others and wish you the very best for IdiscoverIndia. You are very well organized, honest and definitely delivered on your agenda. Kudos to both of you.

Best regards,
Mark & Murray.

Dushan from South Africa found IdiscoverIndia online and organized a 35 day luxury trip for his parents maiden visit to India in the month of November 2009.
Hi Jay:I am doing well thanks and yes the stories are all very good. My folks are fine, the south leg of the trip also went 100%. They are also very impressed by the service they received from you guys. You can be sure that you are highly recommended by them. Expand Hide

The hotels that you booked really impressed them as it was most welcomed after a busy day travelling. They have no complaints about it was a perfect trip for them. They can't stop talking about the personal attention you gave them.

When I decide to travel I will without doubt get you guys to arrange my travel around India. My dad extends an invite to you as well. We have self catering holiday apartments (

Kind Regards
Dushan Appalasam
Solutions Consultant
Nashua Durban

Mark Stegall along with his 2 brothers from UK, undertook an adventurous trip to the region of Ladakh and ending the trip with a luxurious night in Jaipur.
Brijj, we had a great time. Expand Hide

Thanks for all your advice and suggestions everything went extremely well.

Kind Regards
Mark Tom and John.
ps please make any further suggestions for next year!

Somlika from MI USA, with her sister, mother and 5 kids travelled with us to Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and Aurangabad on a mid-range package tour, during off-season.
Hi Brijj thanks for checking....things are great...India trip was great.... Expand Hide

You did a great job arranging things...I'm going to forward your email to two of my family/friend who are interested in traveling in India...I'm sure you'll take care of them as well...


Ariel Bermea + 4 other friends from LA, USA did a trip to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar on a luxury package during off-season
Hello Amitt: We had the best time in India thanks to you and our Driver Mr. Singh, we were very impress of everything, since the day he picked us up at the airport, we didn’t know what to expect, but when we saw him we felt relief. Expand Hide

Everything was great for the price, Myself (Ariel) and my friend another guy from that group are thinking about going back to India in the near future, but this time up north like Bombay and this time get a tour to Ganges river, even if its for 4 days, we would love to use your agency, if you have any tours to Ganges river, I can manage to fly to Bombay, Do you do tours out of Bombay? If you do will be in touch with you. Amitt I will tell all my co-workers at the airport about your agency and how reliable you guys are, some are already asking for your website. Once again thank you very much for everything and say hello to Mr. Mahara j Singh.

Ariel, and Friends

Siddhartha Mathur went on a Honeymoon trip to Kerala with IdiscoverIndia . They took a mid range plus package.
Hi Brijesh: Sorry to be late on this but have been thinking to write back since I have been back. Expand Hide

It was a perfectly planned & managed trip. Thanks for arranging this all. The hotels were just great, I enjoyed being at all those places. Munnar was just too good, Siena village is extremely nice place to stay at though there were only honeymoon couples! Allepey with an open bathroom was a little embarrassing initially but once we got settled, it was also good fun & relaxing. I guess we were just too tired with the long way back from Munnar. Backwaters were amazing! Varkala was beautiful and hotel was great. I guess we were the only Indians out at the beach. Kovalam was icing on the cake, when I checked in, they told me that I am being upgraded to a cottage with a private was amazing. It was a huge cottage probably the size of the total of all the places I lived in at the 3 places before. I don't know if that was planned from your side? Except the sea beach which was just too rough waves to accept anyone in...Overall I loved my whole trip and going to remember it for a long time to come. I hope to have similar trips (not sure if similar but close ones) and would be great if you could send me monthly updates on packages you are offering.

And Special thanks for arranging a very good driver (Prashant), he drove very well and had excellent behaviour.

Thanks again for arranging & managing this great trip.

Best Regards,
Sid Mathur

Philomena and her all women group comprising of 5 of her friends and family travelled to Leh /Ladakh with IdiscoverIndia on a budget trip
Hi Amit: We had a fabulous trip. I went home to Bombay before returning to work so I am still settling in. Chillin and everyone else was very hospitable. Dorjee was an excellent and cautious driver. Expand Hide

The only sad part was that we only got a couple of hours at Pangong and the journey was grueling. The guesthouses were available but we couldn't stay because of the one way traffic rule to Nubra.

Yes, my friend's mom was unwell. She stayed back in Leh the last few days. Thankfully the rest of us coped pretty well. All in all we had a good time. The accomodation and food was pretty decent too.


Krista and Carmelle from USA traveled with IdiscoverIndia on a two week India trip. They took a budget package ( bas package) during the peak season.
Hi Brijesh: It was so nice meeting you. Expand Hide

Thanks for arranging such a wonderful trip for us! I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.

I wanted to check with you about the refund on India Air tickets for Dec 30th. I gave the signed tickets to the local travel agent in Varanasi and told him to send them to you. Did you get them?

Also, I have signed tickets to get a refund for our India Air flight on January 9th. We had to transfer airlines because they were have mechanical problems and wouldn’t be able to get us to our connection in Mumbai in time. What’s the best way to get this refund? Should I send these to you? Let me know.


Sarah and Mary from California, USA took a 2 week budget tour with IdiscoverIndia for their India explorations while on their travel year in which they are currently embarked on a World Tour . They took a budget package ( base package) during the peak season.
Hi As promised here is the run down and our opinions. General: We loved the tour and will be recommending your services in the future. We felt really lucky that we used you. Expand Hide

Any reference or sound bites that you need you can always use me. In Khajuraho and Agra we have amazing tour guides so please make a note of those guides for English speaking travelers. The other guides were OK with English, but hard to understand. Hotels:Best (in order): Jaipur, Orchha, Delhi, and and Udaipur Worst (in order): Agra, Khajuraho Jaipur hotel was amazing! Ranakpur hotel was just a cool experience of camping. Udaipur hotel had friendly staff. Jodhpur hotel was nice but just opened so needs some improvements and will be better in 6 months or so when it is finished.

Thank you again for everything. We really appreciate your help and it was an amazing time.

Cheers, Sarah and Mary

Fayeka and her kid from Kuwait were joined by her old parents to embark on an extensive North India trip with IdiscoverIndia. They took a Budget package during the peak season for travel to Hills ( which is summer)
Hi Brijesh: Hope things are fine at your end. Expand Hide

My parents and myself we reached Kuwait 2 days back. We all were very happy with the tour organized by you and would like to thank you for putting in the efforts. We thoroughly had a good time and I was stress relieved. Mom still remembers u and praises you for the good work.

In the future I would definately prefer to book any tours through you.

Thanks again take care.

Fayeka L.

Patty traveled as a single woman with IdiscoverIndia, right after the Mumbai terrorist event in November 2008. She traveled o n a budget package ( base package)
I chose to see India with a travel company this time because of the difficulties making reservations abroad and my ambitious itinerary to see most of India in 12 days. Expand Hide

IdiscoverIndia succeeded in helping me visit 5 cities during my visit. They have excellent customer service and ensured my safety (single woman traveling alone) after the recent Mumbai events, i.e. provided car and driver in each city with option of tour guide and phone calls in each city to ensure safe arrival. My handler was always reachable by mobile phone and provided a detailed itinerary upon arrival into Delhi. All hotels were very accommodating but bring TP and maybe worth splurging on Option 1 hotels for modern conveniences.

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