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Women Traveler

Female and male travelers are really not that different. However, it has to be admitted that female travelers do have additional safety concerns. This is where fits in: we are devoted to making things safe and easy for women traveling in India. We provide all of the following: .

  • Personally reviewed hotels.

  • Taxi booking with trusted partners. We keep on top of all available information about the drivers and the taxi company and personally stay in continuous touch with the drivers.

  • Choice of female tourist guides.

  • Specially arranged tours for women.

  • Personal, city-specific guidance on dos & don’ts, such as areas to avoid, dress code, and cultural behavior.

  • Late night airport pick up & drop off by’s office escort.

Travel tips for female travelers

  • Educate yourself on the local dress codes and customs to avoid upsetting the locals’ cultural traditions.

  • Avoid clothing that will attract unwanted attention.

  • Know which places are not woman friendly and should be avoided.

  • Be alert and behave alertly as if you know all about your travel destination.

  • Stay in a public place or a place where there are a lot of people if you are being hassled.

  • Have all the emergency phone numbers close at hand and call them if you at all feel that you need help.

The rules go for male travelers as well as it’s important to be cautious and aware of one’s surroundings.

Enjoy your trip and leave the rest to We’ll take care of you and make your trip memorable and comfortably easy.

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